As a Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist™, Heather MacFarland can alleviate some of your stress by selling the marital home or income property in the most efficient and dignified manner.
Since she is educated in the tax, financial and legal implications of dividing real estate in a divorce, she can provide information and resources that other real estate agents cannot.
Heather is both your consultant and negotiator during this challenging time, and can coordinate the many moving parts of the transaction; working closely with your legal team to handle the sale of the marital property with the least complications.








“A house divided against itself cannot stand."

~ Abraham Lincoln




What is the marital home worth in today's market?

In most relationships, the home is the biggest asset of the marriage and accounts for a significant portion of net worth. It can be the biggest point of contention in your divorce, however, given its financial and emotional value. Pricing strategy can be a key element of disagreement between divorcing couples.  To get an idea of what the property's value is, Heather MacFarland will be happy to compile and give you a free comparative market analysis (CMA) to help you see your homes value in today's market.













In most relationships, real estate is considered the largest asset of the marriage. Making a decision about what to do with the family home or income property requires careful consideration aided by  real estate experts that thoroughly understand the intricate details of marital real estate.
An impartial real estate expert that can present a neutral voice to make a rational, informed decision. A compassionate problem solver that is well versed in the real estate, tax and financial implications of  divorce and this is where Heather MacFarland shines.

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